Thursday, June 3, 2010

Motherhood, Business, and the Message of the Hummingbird

Here are some final thoughts from spiritual business consultant, Lily Finch

...You see, women who have based their value upon the kind of mother they are, prevent their children reaching new heights. Studies have shown that most human beings maintain a certain amount of emotional and financial homeostasis, meaning they only grow about 5% beyond the financial and educational level of their parents. There is this ‘unseen’ net that doesn’t stretch out very far. And yet, this is true, EXCEPT in the cases where a person seeks to heal all false and limited beliefs and fear based illusions of their parents and its effect on them!

This requires that children (who may have previously thought the sun rises and sets on their parents) actually start to question the effects of their parent’s choices, opinions, beliefs and values. This usually doesn’t occur until over the age of 30. In their teens, they fight with us to have the courage to leave us and to give us motivation to let them go! Then it only takes a year or two for them to become best friends with us again--somewhere in their 20’s. But in their 30’s, they have now experienced enough pain, suffering, frustrated desires and failure that it’s time to start asking ‘WHY ISN’T MY LIFE WORKING?’

A healthy parent provides a safe place for their children pain to surface and be transformed. In other words, if we have our values aligned, we will be able to provide a safe place for them to express what we taught them as children-- all that crap we filled their heads with! A healthy, awakened parent wants their children to soar far above and beyond what they, themselves have! But an unhealthy parent can’t bear the shame of hearing about anything that did that didn’t work! And this ‘fear’ of hearing the truth shuts down a child's VITAL time of healing unless the child (now well into adulthood) learns to give themselves permission, with or without their parents ‘allowing’ it.

Judging from most married women who are well into their 70’s and 80’s and who are still fearfully hiding some things from their spouses and saying that their spouse gave them ‘permission’ to do this or that, it’s not a common thing for a person in their 30’s to give themselves this safety despite what their parents think! Most have a lot of difficulty with it because they still emotionally need their parents and haven’t yet arrived at the developmental stage where they come to understand that TO CARE MORE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK means to block their own power of discernment. As a consequence of caring about what others think, children can’t uncover what their own highest purpose is let alone live it. Women who have ‘overcompensated’ for their lousy parenting are notorious for not allowing the safety for her children to grow as they weed the gardens of their own childhood and they are certainly lacking the understanding that the seeds of their own childhood beliefs and fears were already sown into the DNA they passed on long before they actually gave birth to their children. So they passed on their own dysfunctional childhood even without knowing it!

One can learn great messages from the little hummingbird who begins to show up to encourage women on their quest to transform the world by transforming herself. The little hummingbird is so light its weight is nothing! This is significant for the need of humans to let go of carrying the weight and the burden of the traditions of multiple generations of parents that don’t work and to begin to FLY from one beautiful flower to another, gathering the ‘sweet’ nectar of life to walk ‘lightly’ and softly, edifying and elevating all other in the ‘BEAUTY WAY’ on the earth, creating a world where there is no more fear and where all living things, including our beloved planet is cared for and elevated in the process.

Now we, as women are being called! The only ones capable of answering the call, are those who are awakening and seeking to learn the very science of transformation and creativity in order to transform all the limiting beliefs and illusions that have created our planets’ problems and create New models of business, illuminated influence and leadership.

Lily Finch, is a business and spiritual development coach. Her work can be found in the Best Selling Series, Wake Up...Live The Life You Love. In the book, A Search for Purpose, you will find her writings featured with Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Bill Harris and Brian Tracey. She is the author of ‘Holy and Humorous Hell and ‘Butterfly Medicine:Metamorphosis from Caterpillar to Butterfly, Woman to Goddess' under the pen name, Flowerbird.
She is an Inspirational Speaker and the creator of the ‘AlchemEnergy Method of Energy Transformation and the AlchemEnergy- Alchemist-in-Training Codex E-Course. She is a Business Entrepreneur and even a general Contractor.
Lily consults with women on being whole and integrating the spiritual with the physical on every level. She can be reached at:

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